H4 conducts runs subject to Government Covid policy .... see Covid 19 Safety Plan
On On sites will comply with current social distancing and density rules as per current State Government mandated Covid requirements.

Managing Health & Safety of Members & Visitors

The primary risk for members or visitors of H4 contracting COVID 19 comes from exposure to other members who might attend a hash run who are either asymptomatic, slightly unwell or unaware that they have COVID 19 when attending the run.

Club members have a strong preference for all attendees at H4 runs to be fully vaccinated. All members or visitors of H4 are strongly recommended to not attend a run if unwell with any respiratory or other symptoms associated with COVID 19. Any unvaccinated members or visitors are required to maintain social distancing at all club events.

  • If potential attendees believe they may be infectious with COVID 19 or any other communicable (influenza, cold) disease, they must be tested for COVID 19 before returning to an event, follow Public Health advice regarding isolation and testing and only return once back to good health and cleared to do so by Public Health.
  • All members or visitors should ensure they cover coughs and sneezes.
  • H4 maintains an accurate list of all participants at each Hash run.
  • Run records are held for at least 2 years
Further Details

Full details on cleaning, hygiene, supplies, restrictions, attendance, physical distances etc can be downloaded here Covid 19 Safety Plan